The Salento potato, as good as its land

Siena is a new potato variety,
which is already very popular and widespread internationally.
Caterina6 is its first 100% Italian version,
grown in the red lands of Salento, exclusively by RO.GR.AN.




oval, elongated and regular


early, with a 120-day cycle


yellow, firm, resistant to various preparations


tender, smooth, with eyes on the surface


lively, versatile, tasty

Why choose Caterina6?

patate caterina6 iodio marino

Natural iodine

It is cultivated in Salento, in red soil fields close to the sea, which give it exceptional properties

patate caterina6 colore

The golden colour

Caterina6 is golden, healthy, inviting. A potato as rustic and natural as its land

versatilità patate caterina6


The Siena variety holds up well to different types of cooking and is suitable for many preparations.

Cultivated according to nature

Our work follows the natural course of the seasons, without forcing their rhythm. For us, respect for nature is the best guarantee of a high-quality product.

ottobre campo patate caterina 6
since October

Sowing begins and continues until March. In the meantime, work is being done on the shaping of the land

novembre campo patate caterina 6

The first seedlings emerge. Soil and plant care work continues

marzo campo patate caterina 6

Harvesting begins, which we always do by hand

giugno campo patate caterina 6
from June

The soil is loosened, exposing the deeper layers to the air

settembre campo patate caterina 6

Tilling levels the surface of the fields, preparing them for new sowing.

High in energy, low in calories

Caterina6 has a high nutritional value but a low glycaemic index because it has a lower dry matter content. This makes it light and digestible, with a good presence of essential amino acids, potassium, iron and magnesium.

calories: 61 kcal / 257 kj


Loved in the kitchen

People who have already used it in the kitchen can no longer do without it!
It holds during cooking, it’s versatile, it's delicious baked,
fried or boiled, with every possible preparation.